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At Digital Habitat we are certified Control4 pinnacle dealers with over 15 years of experience in home automation systems design, installation and support.

We are also happy to announce our brand new  Certified Control4 Showroom in the Stamford Town Center mall. Come and try out the latest features of Control4 home automation in action! Or give us a call and schedule an onsite consultation.

Our Control4 showroom has experienced Control4 installers and system designers that are ready to make your Greenwich or Stamford area home truly smart!

The Control4 experience center features home theater control, lighting control, doorbell integration, TV, audio, and more for you to get a feel of how Control4 home automation can improve your own home.


Your world, made easier with Control4

control4 dealer connecticut
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Visit our showroom in Stamford Town Center.

Control4 is a robust home automation system that can bring the control of your home right into the palm of your hand. This isn’t your average system you can buy on the internet. Control4 truly connects all of your devices to make your home work smarter and more intuitively to improve your daily life. 

A Control4 home automation system can control everything from your lights, climate, shades, audio, visual, security, surveillance, and more all from convenient touchpads, tablets, and even an app on your phone. And it doesn’t just stop at simple commands once you push a button.  You can program scenes that really set the mood for whatever activity you’re looking to do. For example you can eliminate your alarm clock and set your shades to slowly draw with the sunrise while your lights slowly increase brightness, turn on your favorite news channel, and help get your day started on the right foot. Or you can add a party button that turns on all of your lights, starts some music on your speakers, and gets everyone ready to have a good time.


What good are high fidelity speakers if you don’t know how to use them? With Control4 you can easily play your favorite media on any linked devices from your phone, remote, or keypads.

Home Theater

When you’re ready to relax with a movie or binge the newest show on Netflix there’s no need to search for a remote to control each component for the optimal viewing experience. With Control4 you can add a movie setting to dim your lights, close your shades, turn on your TV or projector, and get ready for the show with ease!

Motorized Smart shades

Why spend time fighting with your verticals or stretching to reach those high windows? With a Control4 system opening and closing your mart shades is a breeze! Just pull out your phone or touch panel and they’re as good as open or closed.

Climate control

No more walking around your house when your thermostat isn’t set just right. With Control4 you can manually set the temperature or program the system to warm up as you’re waking up or getting home all from the convenience of your phone or connected touch panel.

smart lighting

We’ve all been there. You think you forgot to turn off the light in the basement and had to go down two flights of stairs to realize it was never on to begin with. This will be a problem of the past with the ability to see what lights are on and even turn all of them off with the tap on the app. You can even do this when you aren’t home!

smart security

We all want to feel safe and know that our home is safe when we aren’t there to watch it. With Control4 you can see your cameras and monitor your home in real time from home or while away. The system can even control your cameras, alarms, smart locks, and more. Smart Security

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