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Looking to add smart home automation to your home or business? At Digital Habitat we are custom Crestron authorized dealers with over 2 decades experience now serving the Greenwich and Stamford areas. With Crestron home automation you get a system built for commercial AV that is also available as Crestron home for your house as well. No longer do you need to learn one smart home system at work and another for your home. With a custom Crestron installation, you can get the best in home automation with an intuitively built interface and the ability to control any connected smart home devices in your home. Our experienced Crestron installers and Crestron integrators are ready to turn your home automation dreams into a reality. Gain control of your daily life like never before with a smart home system from Crestron!

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A Custom Crestron Systems Installation supports:

Audio Control

When it comes to music sometimes you want to hear one song throughout the home without having to carry a speaker around. With Crestron home you can set all of your connected speakers in your home to play the same song or not in certain rooms where your children may not have the same taste in music.

Visual Control

Your tv or home theater may be your go to place to relax after work. Shouldn’t it be the most relaxing without having to fight with 3 remotes to get the settings right? With a Crestron home automation system you can connect your tv or projector to all of your devices so that the on button actually turns everything on for a smooth experience every time.

lighting Control

Set the mood or turn out the basement light you left on all from the palm of your hand. With Crestron home lighting control you can dim or power your individual lights right from your phone or display. Schedule scenes for your lights to automatically adjust for bedtime, waking up, or entertaining guests with just the tap of a button.

Motorized Smart shades

Your home may have large, beautiful windows but are they too high to easily close your shades? With Crestron smart shades you can open and close them with the tap of a button. You can even program them to open and close with the sunrise to block the suns rays in the summer to deflect heat entering your home or have them open to allow more sun in in the winter to warm your home, saving on energy costs. Ands lets not forget about that 2pm glare on your tv. Program the system to automatically close your shades so your viewing is never interrupted.

Climate control

Do you just set and forget your heating and cooling or use a smart thermostat? With a Crestron smart home automation system you can control the climate of your home or business right from your phone or set it to heat and cool when you need it, saving energy and lowering your costs to heat and cool your home.

security Control

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to all of your cameras from any connected device in your home? With Crestron home you can view the feeds from all of your cameras right from your connected phone, tvs, or touch panels. You can even access them on the go when you aren’t home and turn on your flood lights if you think you see something in your back yard all from the same convenient app. With Crestron Home you can even lock or unlock your doors right from the secure app.

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