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Pioneers of high resolution audio

Bringing the noise from across the Atlantic, Meridian audio defines the British audio scene. There’s a reason why they have become the only choice for Jaguar and Land Rover, and as an option in McLarens to bring luxury quality sound on the road with you. These speakers, among other audio components such as amps, streamers, and others make up a unique digital ecosystem that is built to perform. Being the world’s only digital active speaker ecosystem, after pioneering digital to analog converters in the speakers themselves, they perform flawlessly without the need for the extra components required for many of their competitors.

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Their innovations are even featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. These products are proudly researched, designed and engineered in Britain to assure the optimal quality you would expect from a luxury brand. Meridian makes a point of producing high resolution audio speaker systems that aim to produce the sound that was recorded and meant to be heard. This is accomplished through the use of technology they have pioneered such as:
MQA (Master Quality Authenticated)
-Built to capture the full studio recorded experience and based on extensive research into how your ears work, this technology delivers the quality you want in a file size small enough to use for streaming or download. This is amazingly accomplished without surrendering quality to make the audio more usable.
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to improve the quality and listening experience of music you already have? That’s exactly what upsampling does! This is done by way of intricate digital filters that double the rate of samples to deliver higher resolution audio and reveal unrealized details from your music source.
MHR (Meridian High Resolution)
-Being pioneers in digital audio it’s no surprise that Meridian created their own audio format that delivers audio at the highest possible quality.

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