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Smart Home Automation Installation in Stamford & Surrounding Areas

Have you made the decision to make your house a smart home yet? With the rapid growth of home automation, control of your home can now be in the palm of your hand. And we don’t just mean the out of the box “smart home systems” you can buy on the internet or a surround sound system that just  syncs to your tv or plays your music. With a true home automation installation your smart home system can control nearly every connectable device in your home, all from your phone, tablet, keypad, or even a remote. Smart home systems like Control4, Crestron & Lutron have evolved to control your shades, climate, audio visual, lighting, security, and more. 

Our experienced smart home installers and integrators will give you a smart home system that truly fits your needs and makes some of your daily tasks easier. Gone are the days of searching for the remote for each and every device in your home. Control your smart home from anywhere, with ease, with home automation installation.

Smart Home Automation Installation
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Why install Smart Home Systems with Digital Habitat?

At Digital Habitat we are authorized dealers, installers, and integrators of brands like Control4, Crestron, and Lutron to bring you the best and latest in smart home technology. We have over two decades of experience in av and home automation installation, our experienced sales engineers know exactly what your home can do and design custom smart home systems to fit your home and your needs. These smart home systems offer robust features and user friendly interfaces that allow you to take control of your home. 

With how busy life can be we all deserve some home automation companies in our lives that can take some of the mundane tasks we complete each day and have them completed with the tap of a button. You can even take this one step further and add scenes or preprogram actions to occur at certain times of the day or during certain situations. For example you can set your smart home systems to a vacation mode that can turn a few lights on and off throughout your trip to fully mimicking your daily activities with lights, tvs, shades, and more!

Save Money with Home Automation

A smart home automation installation can even save you money! With the addition of smart home systems to control your shades you can have your shades automatically close to block the suns rays that heat up your home in the summer or open in the winter to add some heat and reduce your climate bills. You can even program your heating and cooling to intelligently adjust your temperature throughout the day to eliminate cooling the house while you’re at work but have it ready at your ideal temperature you’re your return home.  These systems were designed with you and your convenience in mind and will have you wondering how you lived without them for so long. 

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Your favorite song has never been as easy to play as on a smart home automation system. Choose which speakers and rooms your want to play your music from on convenient app or enabled device. Play to your entire house or a different song in every room, control is at your fingertips. Stream from your favorite service or access your music collection from anywhere in your home.


Watching tv should always be easy. With a smart home automation system your home is linked to easily access your devices and screens and enjoy them. You can even view your connected cctv or camera system from any connected device as well.

Home theater

The archaic system of one remote for every device is now a thing of the past. With a smart home automation system watching your favorite movies or shows is as simple as pressing the on button. These can even be linked to your lights to turn them off when you press play or slowly dim them when you pause to help guide you to the door.

Lighting Control

Ready for bed? Turn off all of your lights with the tap of a button without having to go back downstairs. With a smart home lighting system you can dim, turn on, and even set paths for your lights to work with you, not against you. You can even control them on the go so they aren’t left on all weekend while you’re out of town.

Motorized Smart Shades

Motorized shades are where beauty meets function. Available in premium designs and materials, these shades will elevate the look of your room while giving you complete control. No longer do you need to manually adjust that skylight shade or twist and pull your verticals to see your beautiful back yard. You can even program them to open with the sunrise to wake more relaxed without having to hear the dreaded tone of your alarm.

Climate Control

Controlling the climate in your home is an essential part of your day to day life. It can also be one of the most expensive. With smart climate control you can regulate your home’s temperature without the energy waste of most available systems. Control your home manually right from your phone or set schedules for comfort when you need it, not when you aren’t home to enjoy it.


Tired of the services that only alert you when a car drives down your block or a squirrel runs through your yard? A smart home security system brings control of your cameras, doorbell camera, garage door, locks, and anything else related to your home all under the convenience of one secure and easy app. You can even lock your doors and check your camera feeds from anywhere using the convenient app.

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