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The Ultimate Wireless Sound System

A Better Way to Listen

Looking for a simple system that works right out of the box? A Sonos system works great as a standalone home audio system with a convenient app. Setup is very easy and requires only a power source, wifi, and the Sonos app to get started. This app allows the easily expandable system to be controlled from anywhere and can even control all speakers at the same time. You can even have different music playing in each zone you set in your house! For architectural or mounted speakers installation by our experienced AV installers may be required.

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Setup takes minutes, and control is simple with the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and your voice.


This system is always ready for new speakers. All of the sync easily with the app for full control of your home’s audio.


Ready to go in minutes with just the app, wifi, and a power source


These sound bars rival even full surround sound systems. Best of all you can even add wireless speakers behind you to create the full surround sound experience.


These speakers also include options that don’t need to be seen. The architectural series of in wall speakers are easily installed in wall for a clean looking wall or ceiling that produces clear, powerful sound. Also available are outdoor speakers that perform in even the toughest outdoor conditions.


There are options for any room. Don’t want to run wires to set up your system? Sonos has wireless speaker options that only need to be plugged into the wall and sync together for an immersive sound experience.

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