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Induction Dynamics

Audio Perfection, Realized

Audiophile level quality in a customizable package

With Induction Dynamics you can customize the finish any way you like for a truly custom finish to compliment any room or theme you desire. These speakers don’t just look great, they are held to some of the highest standards in the industry with hand selected and custom-built components going into each speaker. But they don’t stop there with a standard of adjusting these components to a tolerance of 0.3% while the industry standard is 5-10%. This is done to ensure that each and every speaker leaving their facility is up to the standards audiophiles everywhere have come to expect. As custom AV installers and integrators we are happy to offer customizable solutions for our clients. 

As for the customization of the speakers they are built to make a statement. Each piece of wood used to house these amazing speakers is carefully selected to show only the cleanest looking grains. This makes them ready for any coating such as stains, paint, or even your favorite artist bring their next vision to live upon them. To ensure these speakers look exactly how you want them they even put up to 12 coats of paint and offer 63 standard grilles in several fabrics.

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